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Our Naturopathic Medicine Team

We have a group of naturopathic doctors that have a variety of areas of interest in naturopathic medicine. Our goal at Aspire Medicine is to match you with the naturopathic doctor that can help you the most with your health condition.

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Dr. Shane Johnson, ND Intestinal Conditions

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Dr. Jennifer Pilon, ND Fertility, Diabetes & intestinal conditions

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Dr. Tanya Morin, ND Children’s & Women’s Health, intestinal conditions

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Dr. Amoz Van Dyke, ND Pain, intestinal conditions

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Dr. Iris Clarin, ND Mental Health

Our Psychology Team

Our team of psychologists are here to help: children, teens, and adults.

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Dr. Jennie Johnson Child and Teen Psychologist

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Melissa Hillman Provisional Psychologist

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Rosalind Wells MACP Registered Provisional Psychologist

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Josée Kykkanen MC, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Our Medical Doctor Team

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Dr. Potgieter Family Medicine

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Dr. Esnielle Brooks Functional and Aesthetic Medicine

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Dr. Myburgh Family Medicine

The 2 Doctor System

The Best of Both Worlds

We have your health as our #1 priority…period! This means having a ND and MD on your health team and have them work together for the best outcomes for you the patient.

We currently are the only clinic in Central Alberta that has both a medical doctors (MD) and naturopathic doctors (ND) in the same clinic.

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