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Why is it necessary to see a naturopathic doctor before I can purchase supplements or schedule treatment/testing?

Aspire Medicine exists to provide naturopathic medical advice, not as a supplement store to sell products to the general public.   We want to ensure that any recommendations that come from our clinic are made only after taking a proper health history, doing a physical exam, and obtaining any appropriate laboratory testing. This ensures that you receive the highest quality recommendations as a patient of our clinic.

Are Naturopathic Doctors covered by Alberta Health Care?

At this time, Naturopathic doctors are not covered by Alberta Health Care, though we are regulated healthcare providers in Alberta. However, we are covered by most secondary insurance plans through employers. If you have coverage for paramedical services such as massage, chiropractic, and physiotherapy it is very likely that you also have coverage for naturopathic medicine. We suggest that you check with your insurance provider. We have many patients at our clinic without insurance coverage who recognize the improvement in their health as a valuable investment in naturopathic care.

Does Aspire direct bill insurance companies?

Yes, we do direct bill some insurance companies. To discover if your provider is one of those, please give our front desk staff a call.

Can I bring my kids to my appointments?

We do not offer Child Minding at Aspire Medicine. Children are always welcome at our clinic except while you are receiving intravenous treatments. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your children the entire time they are in the clinic including while in the treatment room during your visit with the naturopathic doctor. If you foresee this negatively affecting your visit with your naturopathic doctor, please consider arranging childcare prior to your appointment.

I have had IV’s at another clinic, do I have to see a naturopathic doctor before continuing my treatment at Aspire?

If you have been receiving IV treatments at another clinic within the last 2 months, your naturopathic doctor just needs to write us a referral letter for you to continue getting IV treatments at Aspire. If it has been more than 2 months since your last treatment at another clinic then you would need to see one of our naturopathic doctors first.

Is testing included in the visit?

Testing is in addition to any scheduled visit.

Is testing covered by insurance?

Testing is not often covered by insurance, although this does vary from each individual’s insurance plan. We recommend you check with your insurance company first.

Will you work with my medical doctor on my health care?

Absolutely! Working together with your MD in order to provide you with the best healthcare is a priority of our clinic. We support a 2-doctor system, which means that we value you having both a MD and ND on the same health team.

Do you do muscle testing?

At Aspire Medicine our doctors do not provide muscle testing. We do not believe this is an objective method of diagnosis for our patients.

Do I have to pick between natural and conventional treatment or can I combine the two?

We see the importance of both conventional (MD) and naturopathic medicine (ND). This means we work together with your MD and you are welcome to use both natural and conventional medicine where appropriate without having to pick one or the other.

Do I need to discontinue my medications to pursue naturopathic care?

No, we do not recommend discontinuing medications when pursuing naturopathic medicine.

What makes supplements from your office different from those at a local health food store?

At Aspire Medicine, our supplements are designed by our very own naturopathic doctors and produced in an accredited compounding facility using only the best in raw materials. This means you are getting the best quality products in a combination that aligns with the most up to date research.

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