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Welcome to Aspire Family Medicine Clinic

Our goal is to provide top quality medical care to the whole family and we can offer in person appointments or virtual appointments using the telephone, or a video appointment through an easy to use app.

Same day appointments are also available on a first come first serve basis.

Our 3 Family Physicians are:

Dr. Willem Myburgh, MD

Dr. Myburgh
Family Physician

Dr. Myburgh graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and worked in a variety of hospital settings and clinical practices throughout his residency there.

He immigrated with his family to Canada in 1992, and eventually settled in Red Deer in 2002. He is a certificant of the College of Family Physicians of Canada as well as a preceptor at the University of Alberta.

He enjoys all aspects of family medicine and is passionate about empowering his patients to make the best decisions possible when it comes to their health.

Over the past twelve years, Dr. Myburgh discovered a new passion, and diversified his skill set to include a few select cosmetic procedures.

Growing older is a natural part of life, but we can help to minimize certain signs of aging so that you feel more confident in your skin. We believe in enhancing your natural beauty by focusing on the features you love while softening the ones you don’t!

Dr. Christiaan Potgieter, MD

Dr. Potgieter
Family Physician

Doctor Potgieter grew up in Humansdorp, South Africa. He graduated with his MBChB from Stellenbosch University. He is a General Practitioner with 14 years experience. Christiaan worked for 5 years in private practice in South Africa.

In 2015 he moved to AB, Canada where he joined a rural medicine practice doing Family Medicine, Emergency and Obstetrics. While in Canada, he completed his LMCC and CCFP.

In 2022, Dr. Potgieter joined Aspire Medicine to focus primarily on family practice.

Dr. Esnielle Brooks, MD

Dr. Brooks
Family Physician

Dr Esnielle Brooks, grew up in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She graduated with her MBChB degree at the University of the Free State, South Africa in 2007. She is a general practitioner with 13 years experience.

She worked in rural South Africa for 5 years, doing Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, as well as Anesthetics. In 2013 she decided to combine her work with her love for travel and joined Norwegian Cruiselines as a Senior Physician. Whilst traveling the world, she managed the on board medical center.

In 2015 she and her husband decided to settle down, and make Lacombe, Alberta, Canada their home. She joined Family Medical Associates in Lacombe, where she practiced as a Family Physician, working in clinic, as well as doing Obstetrics and Emergency Medicine. In 2020 she decided to focus solely on her Family Practice, and decided to join Aspire Medicine. Dr Brooks has special interest in Aesthetic Medicine. She has completed Basic and Advanced Botox training at the Pacific Institute for Facial Aesthetics in Vancouver, and is also certified to do medical microneedling. She also has special interests in Women’s Health, and Pediatrics. Outside of work Dr Brooks, her husband and twins enjoy traveling, and spending time outdoors as a family. They share their home with 2 loving dogs.

First time Appointments needs to be booked by telephone by calling 403-352-7425

We need the following personal information for your first appointment:

  1. Picture ID to confirm identity.
  2. Provincial health card.
  3. Current mailing address and telephone numbers.
  4. Emergency contact information which we will only use if we are unable to contact you.
What do we do with this information?

We collect this information to enable us to serve you better and your personal information might be shared with other health care providers such as specialists, your pharmacy the laboratory etc. to enable them to provide accurate service to you. Your information will be stored in our Electronic Medical Record which is HIPA Compliant and will not be shared with anybody other than Healthcare providers and on a as needed basis.
[ to populate “personal information” ]

If you cannot provide a current Provincial healthcare card or your Personal Health Number cannot be verified,
you will be required to pay up front for the visit.

Uninsured Office Visit Regular Office Visit: $40.00 and up

Please notify the receptionist if any of your personal information changes

Follow up appointments can be booked by:

To help us serve you better – if you are booking an appointment related to any of the following conditions, please go to [Questionnaires] and complete the questionnaire and email back to us. Instructions are provided on the questionnaire:

  1. Complete Physical examination.
  2. Attention Deficit Disorder.
  3. Mental Health such as Depression, Anxiety etc.
  4. Headaches and Migraine.


No Show Policy:

We understand that life happens and that sometimes you may not be able to notify as if you cannot come for your appointment. Please keep in mind that time was reserved for you and by not attending your appointment, you prevented somebody else from utilizing that time slot. We will notify you the first time it happens, but if it happens a second time we will not allow you to book appointments anymore until a chart reactivation fee of $40.00 is paid.


  • Driver’s medical.
  • Routine medical appointments.
  • Employment medical exams.
  • Worker’s Compensation visits.
  • Low risk maternity and pediatric care.
  • Chronic disease management.


  • Botox for Chronic Migraine and Hyperhydrosis.
  • IUD Placement.
  • Wart treatments.
  • Sutures and biopsies.
  • Mole removal.

Medical Doctor Forms

Migraine Disability Assessment Test Download PDF
Patient Health Questionnaire Download PDF
W.H.O. Disability Assessment Download PDF
Headache Impact Test Download PDF
Headache Diary Download PDF
Sheehan Disability Scale Download PDF
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale Download PDF


Prescription Renewals

Prescription renewals needs to be discussed with your physician. You may book a consult – in person or virtual.

Length of a prescription renewal depends on how stable your physician considers your medical condition to be. If your physician considers your medical condition to be stable, you will be provided with a prescription for up to 12 months. If you only have a few refills on your prescription, it means your physician would like to reassess your medical condition sooner. Your pharmacy is allowed to provide you a two-week tie-over supply to allow you to make an appointment.

Tests and Results

Clinic staff do not provide test results over the telephone. Your doctor may request a clinic staff member to contact you with results, and in that case the clinic staff member will be provided with the information to give to you. The staff member however, cannot discuss the results or implications, and if you need more information, you need to book an appointment with your physician. (Link)

You can also enroll with Alberta health to see your test results directly. Please go to the following link to complete the enrollment process:

Referrals to Specialists

Your physician might decide to refer you for a second opinion or for specialized treatment to a specialist. Your physician will then send a referral letter with attached information to that specialist. Specialist will contact you directly with an appointment date and time.

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