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“Have you been told all of your blood work looks good, and yet you still feel fatigued?”

Have you been told you are tired simply because you are getting older? Or because you have kids? Well, those answers are not good enough for our naturopathic doctors at Aspire Medicine.

Fatigue is one of the most common reasons a patient seeks out a doctor and often patients never manage to get to the root cause of their fatigue. At times fatigue can even be misdiagnosed for concerns such as depression.

There are many possible reasons someone might suffer from fatigue. Our goal at Aspire is to find the underlying root causes of your fatigue rather than just throwing treatments your direction.

Our naturopathic doctors have found common causes of fatigue that include: Thyroid issues, Chronic infections (such as lyme and mono), Adrenal fatigue, Nutrient deficiencies, and stress. One of these is the culprit in over 50% cases of fatigue in our clinic.

At Aspire Medicine we use the appropriate objective lab tests to confirm what is causing your fatigue and to develop a personalized treatment plan to begin the process of restoring you to optimum energy.

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