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“Tired of being tired? No one pill fixes all.”

Is a lack of sleep disrupting your life? Does it make you feel exhausted and make it difficult to cope with daily stressors? It is time to discover the reason for your insomnia, not just cover it up with a sleeping pill.

In the conventional medical (MD) world, sleep disturbances and insomnia are often treated with a sleeping pill. Many patients are concerned about becoming dependent on sleeping pills and do not like the groggy feeling they have the day after taking one.

There are many different reasons you may find it difficult to sleep. At Aspire  Medicine, our naturopathic doctors take an extensive sleep history and work to determine the root cause of your sleep disturbance, not just give you a sedative pill.

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Is it difficult to stay asleep? Or maybe both? Are you in menopause? Do you have stress at work? Are you anxious? All these questions are important in determining how to treat your specific sleep disturbance.

Rather than a ‘one-pill fixes all’ approach, we tailor our treatments specifically to you. You can start your day feeling energized again, give our office a call and let one of our experienced naturopathic doctors help you get back to a good night’s sleep.

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