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Skin Problems

“You know creams do not cut it when it comes to skin problems.”

Not only are rashes such as eczema and psoriasis annoying due to the continuous itching and scratching, but they can also be difficult to manage when you are constantly trying to cover up large amounts of your body so that others do not see the rash.

Although creams can often settle a rash down or even take the it away, everything usually comes back again when you stop using the cream – how frustrating! This is because creams do not fix the underlying root cause of your skin rash.

Get rid of your skin rash once and for all by discovering the underlying reasons you have a rash to begin with. Is it food intolerances? Is it an allergy to something in your environment? Is it due to chemicals and toxins surrounding you?

Whether it is eczema, psoriasis, fungal rashes, acne, hives, or a rash that does not have a name, let our naturopathic doctors at Aspire Medicine get to the root of the issue and begin to clear up your skin.

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