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Thyroid Conditions

“Have you had your thyroid tested by your doctor and then told everything is normal on labs? DID YOU KNOW most doctors don’t test a full thyroid panel?”

At Aspire Medicine our naturopathic doctors find that many patients have been told that their thyroid is “good” despite those patients still having many signs of a low functioning thyroid. These symptoms can include: fatigue, hair loss, eyebrow loss, dry skin, constipation, even an elevated cholesterol panel.

Our naturopathic doctors provide a more comprehensive lab investigation into the thyroid function including full thyroid panels, urinary iodine tests, thyroid antibody tests, and tracking of body temperatures.

By gathering this extra information, we can better determine whether or not there is an issue with the thyroid gland. If you still suspect your thyroid is part of your health issues, our naturopathic doctors at Aspire Medicine can help.

Our naturopathic doctors are very experienced at diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism. Call us today.

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